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A Villa Christmas Message

As the frost fades on all the Villa pumpkins, and we begin to see the signs of Christmas, we reflect on all the wonderful memories our Villa Family has shared over the past year. How can we forget the fun we had at our Easter Egg Hunt, especially when the children from the community laughed and played and thanked all our residents for remembering them? We proudly wore our red, white and blue at all our Holiday Picnics in commemoration of the men and women who served our great country. Our Luau filled the air with tropical music. All of our past loved ones were honored by our beautiful Butterfly Release. The Pancakes on the Patio always tasted better under the morning sky. It was hard to tell who had more fun at our Halloween Trick or Treat – our residents or the forty children we invited from the Police Benevolent Association. Our Villa Musical events were a hit every month, and the competition was always high-spirited in our Bingo and Word Games. And how about our newly formed Villa Pinochle Club!

Recently, the residents shared memories of their past Christmases and recalled their childhood events. As we watch all the bright and shiny decorations of the Villa being displayed and participate in the holiday festivities, we hope to create many new wonderful memories for our Villa Family during the coming year.

May God bless you all, and may all our Villa Angels hold you safely in their arms

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